Kennington WI Hall event 26th May

I had a great time here! Check out Just YouMe Events for more!

Just YouMe Events

What a fantastic Holistic and Psychic event yesterday!  Thank you to everyone for attending.  How busy were you all!  It was a lovely start to our new event.  Scroll down for images.

Here are some of the comments from the day :

It was amazing, a great day, lovely people and I slept like a baby after.  Thank you Michael Charles Shirley and Gaynor Shirley for a great event, your hard work really shows. xxx
I agree with Sarah Banks entirely.  Really great atmosphere, full of lovely people.  The steady stream of visitors was a testament to all your hard work Gaynor Shirley and Michael Charles Shirley (800 hand delivered flyers!!!!!!!).  Looking forward to next event xxx
What a lovely event this was today….. such a positive and calm atmosphere…… lovely stalls and lovely people attending……………  and venue very welcoming……….  the time just flew!! …

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