The Soul Plan Series: #16 Spiritual Energies Relating to Earth

A grounded and authentic approach to life is an important part of how we get along with it and other people. As with all things there is a balance between being too grounded and having no sense of grounding at all, authenticity however is something to always strive for. In this way the 16th image of the Soul Plan is Spiritual Energies relating to Earth.   When we find we live authentically and find a balance in our grounding our relation to others improves dramatically.

This symbol is an example of how the Soul Plan looks at both elements of our life.  Our spiritual existence and our earthly existence.  Both are inter-linked and the challenges and talents in both are crucial to achieving our soul destinies.  Do you feel this relates to you on a deeper level, good or bad?  Find out more about Soul Plan reading here.

Soul Plan, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Rochester, Kent, Spiritual, Energy, Earth

The Soul Plan Series #16 Spiritual Energies Relating to Earth

Love and blessings,

Susan xx


The Soul Plan Series: #15 Soul Inspiration and Equanimity

The fifteenth symbol of the Soul Plan is Soul Inspiration and Equanimity.  People who have this is their Soul Plan chart will find spiritual inspiration, the spiritual journey and a centered approach a much bigger factor in the way they live their life than most.

If it appears as a challenge then the acquisition of a calmer, more even and centered approach might be a crucial tool you need to master in order to go on and achieve your soul destiny.  If it is a talent you possess however you are likely to find a centered approach easy and have an interest in developing your own spiritual journey.  Your own centered state might also help those around you to feel calmer.

Whether a strength or a talent, if the symbol for Soul Inspiration and Equanimity appears in your Soul Plan it is an essential part of achieving your own Soul destiny.  To find out more about if this appears in your Soul Plan and what it could mean click here.

Soul Plan, Minding the Soul, Susan Cox, Medway, Rochester, Kent, Soul, Inspiration, Equanimity

The Soul Plan Series: #15 Soul Inspiration and Equanimity

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

The Soul Plan Series: #14 Soul Reflection

Reflection is an important part of mindful and spiritual living. It lets us reflect impartially on ourselves, events we have been part of or witnessed. This reflection can help us notice if we become too intense, or the reverse and help us observe what may be alluding us. It can also reveal new aspects of our nature to us, whether they be a personality trait or a psychic ability. Reflection is a gift available to us all but if it appears in your Soul Plan it will have special relevance to you. Find out about your Soul Plan here.

Soul, Reflection, Soul Plan, Kent, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul

The Soul Plan Series #14 Soul Reflection

Love and blessings,

Susan x

The Soul Plan Series: #12 Love and Knowledge

There is a saying in life that the only things that are certain are death and taxes.

I don’t agree, I believe the two certain things in life are love and knowledge.

These are a gift and right for everyone.  As we go through our lives we learn; some lessons are forced upon us, some lessons we choose to discover and some we are led to.  Knowledge is more than the words printed in an Encyclopedia, knowledge is what we gain when we experience life and see what we know to correct and true.

Equally through our journey across life we encounter love.  Sometimes we find love based on the knowledge we possess and sometimes it leads us to our next lesson but it is noticeable at some level in existence or absence in everything we do.  Love can be held for a person, for a place or even just for an idea.

As gifts go love and knowledge are curious animals.  They can be beautiful to behold and give great pleasure but they can also leave scars and cause pain as we experience them.  However they impart their wisdom both love and knowledge expand our consciousness and realm of ideas with the lessons they teach.

If we choose to learn the lessons we are exposed to new worlds can be opened to us – places, ways of thinking , experiences, aspects of our nature such as sexuality.  Some people are great teachers in love and knowledge but for some this can be a challenge, something which hold them back and impairs their existence in some way.

If you feel this in someway relates to you I invite you to let me teach you more about your Soul and it’s plan.  Click here for more information.  Scroll down to see the extracts of a song that has a refreshing take on love.

Soul Plan, Kent, Rochester, Medway, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Love, Knowledge

The Soul Plan Series #12 Love and Knowledge

On April 5th, 1984
The London Pallaium was the scene of Tommy’s show once more
It was a full house and he had the crowd eating out of his hand once more
Everything, as usual, seemed completely unplanned
And in what seemed like a finale Tommy dropped to the floor
Causing the room to erupt into laughter and rapturous applause
the curtain closed, lights went up and there was no encore
Everybody left there seats and headed for the door
Unbeknownst to them they had witness Tommy Cooper’s death
He had given his all until he had nothing left
Now please note that at th moment that this entertainer died
Even with a room full of people not one tear was cried
Much less, they rose to their feet as they lauged and clapped
Now tell me one f*****g thing that’s more beautiful than that…
Cos’ im sure i cant think of one.

– Scroobius Pip from the song Tommy C

 Love and blessings,

Susan x

The Soul Plan Series: #11 Assimilation, Structure, Harmony

“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.” Alan Wilson Watts

To live in a state of harmony is something we each aspire to achieve, whatever our perception of harmony might be.  We seek this sense of harmony through our interactions with the world; the relationships we form, the information we choose to take in and accept or choose to reject and the structures we choose to live our life in.

The sense of harmony we seek is made up of our happiness and fulfillment and in this way is linked to our Soul destiny.  Harmony is the result when the above elements converge and we use our talents regularly in our lives with the people we choose around us.

When we use our gifts as they were intended the harmony we create stretches throughout our life and often in to the lives of those around us.  When we operate in the wrong structures, assimilate the wrong information and values or have the wrong relationships around us our search for harmony can make all these things worse.

Are you in or on your way to a state of harmony.  If you feel knowing more about your Soul Plan would help you achieve harmony or help you help those around you also find it click here.

Soul Plan, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Assimilation, Structure, Harmony

The Soul Plan Series: #11 Assimilation, Structure and Harmony

Love and blessings,

Susan x

The Soul Plan Series #10 Potential Manifestation

Potential exists in all things; be it the potential energy of an object or the potential you have to achieve your goals and desires.  The potential for something however means nothing with out the manifestation of it.  Whether it comes from within us or from an external source when we manifest out potential there is no limit to what we can achieve other than the limit we put on ourselves.

Potential can exist within us on multiple levels.  On a physical level the potential we harbour can assist and serve others.  The gifts we’ve been given can make a real difference to the world and people around us.  On a spiritual level the potential we hold when manifested can bring a new world of awareness and perception to our lives.  It can show us a happier and more purposeful life.  Our potential can also let us channel.  Depending on the gifts that live inside us waiting to come to the surface this can take many forms; from the channeling of words and ideas through to the channeling of messages and spirits.

Whatever our manifested potential may be it is essential in our lives; the enjoyment we can find in them and the completion of our destinies.   Part of your Soul destiny might be to help others achieve their own potential but the manifestation of your potential may also be a challenge you have to over come.

If you would like to know more about your Soul Plan click here.  Thank you to all those that came to my event on Saturday (11/05/13), it was a great day filled with new friendships and shared knowledge.

Potential, Manifestation, Soul Plan, Kent, Medway, Rochester, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul

The Soul Plan Series #10 Potential Manifestation

Love and blessings,

Susan x

Soul Plan Series: #8 Earth, Emotions and Society

Welcome to day eight of my Soul Plan series.  It has been a highly enjoyable process so far thinking about the meaning that can gained from Soul Plan in greater depth.

The eighth symbol of the Soul Plan relates to earth, emotions and society.  Society can be a complex animal whether it is a group of friends or national political party.  In some respects they are very similar.  Both and all social worlds require a person to find a balance between being grounded in their own emotions whilst having ability to relate and empathize with others.

An imbalance of this can result in a persons own personal happiness or beliefs being put before the demands of society on one extreme.  On the other the extreme however the refusal to relate can create tensions and blocks that make it hard for individuals to integrate or work with people on a productive level.

A great strength or a strong challenge, does it feature in your Soul Plan?  Find out more by clicking here.  I will also be offering a talk and demonstration on Soul Plan reading this Saturday (11/05/2013) in Rochester.

Soul Plan, Susan Cox, Kent, Rochester, Medway, Minding the Soul, Earth, Emotion, Society

Soul Plan Series: #8 Earth, Emotions and Society

Love and blessings,

Susan x

The Soul Plan Series: #6 Thought and Creativity

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” – Leo Burnett

The gifts of creativity and thought are within us all.  Creativity and thoughts can be expressed in any number of ways from a story to an inventive solution to fixing that broken sink.  The way we choose to express these traits and what we do with them help define us.  However we may choose to be creative or express our thoughts we have the power to touch many lives and the power to improve them.

In this way creativity and the thought that fuels it are the gifts of making gifts.  Do you feel creativity is abundant in you?  Do you feel your thoughts have greater potential and applications? Do you feel there is a way you are supposed to be using your gifts but aren’t?  Find out if creativity, thought or any other attribute in the Soul Plan resonate with you and your name with a Soul Plan reading.

Soul Plans interest me greatly.  They have much to tell us.  I am honoured to be able to express my creativity and thoughts in ways such as a talk and demonstration this Saturday (11/05/13) on Soul Plan Reading at Borstal Village Hall, Rochester, Kent.  Click here for details.  In addition I am also happy to announce I now offer mini Soul Plan readings in addition to full Soul Plan readings.

Soul Plan, Kent, Rochester, Medway, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Creativity, Thought

Soul Plan Reading: #6 Thought and Creativity

Love and blessings,

Susan x

The Soul Plan Series: #5 Spirit and Freedom

True freedom is always spiritual. It has something to do with your innermost being, which cannot be chained, handcuffed, or put into a jail – Osho, Freedom: The Courage to Be Yourself

Freedom is a concept with many different interpretations, relating to an infinite number of areas.  Each area is as important as the last.  The freedom to be able to live our lives as we desire is essential to our very existence.  It colours how we live, why we live and our opinions of ourselves.  This is true on a physical and a spiritual level

Soul plans give an insight into both these elements in our  lives.  When we find freedom we have the space to explore ourselves, our spirituality and our truth.  Just as freedom’s importance is omnipresent throughout the universe however, the amount of things that can rob us of our freedom are beyond measure.

Find out what gives you freedom, or if anything is  taking away your freedom away with a Soul Plan reading.  Click here for more information.

Soul Plan, Spirit, Freedom, Minding the Soul, Rochester, Susan Cox, Medway, Kent

#5 Spirit and Freedom

Love and blessings,

Susan x

The Soul Plan Series: #4 Fertility and Abundance

Fertility and abundance play a part in our lives at all levels.  On a direct level they dictate reproduction and the amount of food, possessions or money you have.  On many other levels however these attributes play an important part in the way we live interact with life.

Fertility can cover a wealth of areas from being receptive to ideas or new relationships.  Abundance can happen in any area; an abundance of friends, of spirit, of talent or ambition.  On any level fertility and abundance shape life with their presence or their absence.  Do you feel that these are a talent or calling of yours or are these areas you feel you need to work on.  Find out what a Soul Plan can tell you here.

Soul Plan, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Fertility, Abundance, #4

#4 Fertility and Abundance


Love and blessings,

Susan x