Mindfulness Meditation

Good evening,

After discussing feelings buried alive and EFT & Matrix Reimprinting I want to bring to the fore Mindfulness Meditation. It is so beautifully simple and clear how these all work hand in hand.  Like striking tapestry they blend effortlessly.

In Mindfulness Meditation we learn to see things how they really are in all areas of our life, without judgement.

When we practice Mindfulness Meditation we also learn to slow down, hold things to the light and stop fuelling negative thoughts.  We no longer get involved in the story of thoughts; because when we do we keep our self in a constant state of fight or flight which holds the body in a state of stress.  If we stay in this state it ultimately takes us in a downward spiral keeping us on the same merry go round of destruction, manifesting di-ease of the body and mind.

When embarking on a course of Mindful Meditation we train our mind to stay put; re-training the neural pathways in our brain and thus altering our habitual behaviour, attitudes, core beliefs and self-talk that become ingrained within us.  We learn to become aware and accepting of things in our life without judgement. We accept things just as they are, learning to respond rather than react to situations and things that happen in our everyday life.

Minding the Soul, Mindfulness, Meditation, Susan Cox

A compassion for others that perhaps we have never experienced prior to meditation is awakened within us. We learn to love our self – something this is often difficult to do.  Joy, peace and happiness follow.

When I embarked on my first eight week Mindfulness Meditation course with a wonderful teacher called Joyce Chi I had no idea what to really expect. My eight week journey was the start of a major personal transformation; one journey which I will be eternally grateful for.

I found this eight week experience so beneficial and profound that I became a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and now offer my own series of courses including the eight week Mindfulness Meditation course.

If I can help you on your journey in whatever capacity that happens to be or you would like to join me on one of the courses I offer.  Find more information here, register your interest by emailing me or subscribing to the mailing list

Love and Blessings Susan xx