The Soul Plan Series Comp. Winner!

The Soul Plan series has been a highly enjoyable experience.  Going through the symbols of the Soul Plan has only proven how much there is to our existence.  A symbol might have increased relevance to you by appearing in your Soul Plan as a challenge, a talent or a goal or not all.  Regardless all traits will have some level of relevance on your life.

Our Soul Plans are able to highlight the things which have a particular sway on us.  Our challenges and our talents are within as things to work through or strengths to go forward with.  Both have a crucial role in achieving our goals and then our Soul Destiny.

To celebrate the ending of the Soul Plan series I launched a competition on my Facebook page.  The competition was to like and share the image below.  I am happy to announce the winner was Sean Collins!!  Well done, you have won a free Soul Plan Lite Reading!  Thank you to everyone that entered, and to everyone that has read my previous posts in the Soul Plan series!

If you are curious find out more about Soul Plan reading here.

Minding the Soul, Soul Plan, Rochester, Kent, Minding the Soul, Rochester, Kent, Susan Cox, Medway

Minding the Soul: Soul Plan Reading

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

Soul Plan Series: #22 Completion and Accomplishment

We are here at the last day of the Soul  Plan series.  It has been enjoyable and insightful  to look across the various elements of the Soul Plan, looking at what they mean and have to teach us.  Fittingly today’s symbol is Completion and Accomplishment.  There are things many of us seek to complete and enjoy from the smallest task to the biggest dream.

Once something has been completed or accomplished we often feel satisfaction.  An important part of reaching this however is versatility and openness.  The ability to adapt as situations change whilst staying true to your vision is important.  Equally it can be easy to get tunnel vision in the pursuit of your desire, an openness to at least considering new ideas is a valuable skill.

If this features in your Soul Plan as a strength you will be good at this and successful in completing what you set your mind to.  If it is a challenge however you may be stuck in your ways or find completion difficult.  If you feel this topic has a special relevance to you and you’d like to find out more click here.  I will also be launching a competition tomorrow with the prize of a free Soul Plan Lite reading.

Soul Plan, Kent, Free Reading, Competition, Rochester, Medway, Kent, Minding the Soul, Susan Cox, Completion, Accomplishment

Soul Plan Series: #22 Completion and Accomplishment

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

Soul Plan Series: #21 Endurance

The penultimate part of the Soul Plan  series looks at Endurance.  True strength is the strength to continue, to begin the process and stick with it.  This is important in all our lives for achieving some of the most important things to us, whether they be worldly or spiritual.

This strength is within us, nurtured by our own tenacity.  In the marathon of endurance in the path of our goals however extra strength and refreshment can be found from our friends and our families.  Extra strength also comes from our beliefs and the reassurances they provide us with.  Do you want to know if this is part of your Soul Plan?  Find out more here.  On Friday there will be the prize of a free Soul Plan Lite reading available.

Soul Plan, Endurance, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Rochester, Kent

Soul Plan Series #21 Endurance

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

The Soul Plan Series: #20 Movement, Flow and Seeking

We all have goals.  We all have things which we desire and seek.  Often our happiness is rooted in these: achieving our goal or finding what it is we seek that makes us happy.  The reverse is equally true.  Whether what we seek is a new situation, an object or maybe even our Soul destiny when we actively seek it we can find ourselves enjoying a sense of focus and flow.  Entering this state helps us not only achieve our goal but also find a sense of peace, freedom and discipline.  Time often goes faster when we are enjoying a state of flow and focusing our attention on just one thing, not unlike Mindfulness.

Barriers within ourselves can prevent us from following our hearts or seeking our goals and cause unhappiness.  If the symbol for movement, flow and seeking appears as a challenge in your Soul Plan it means there is an obstacle in your life between you and your dreams, and ultimately your soul destiny.  If this is a strength you will likely be very good at knowing what you want, achieving it and entering states of flow.

If you are curious, find out more here about Soul Plan reading.  Friday’s post will contain details of a prize that can be won!

Soul Plan, Kent, Rochester, Medway, Minding the Soul, Susan Cox, Movement, Flow, Seeking

The Soul Plan Series: #2 Movement, Flow and Seeking

Love and blessings,

Susan xx