Good evening,

I had to pull in myself into check last week!!  Of all the teaching, counselling  helping and guiding people to find a more fulfilled and joyous mindful way of life I do  – I forgot it myself!

How I hear you say?

I filled my diary to the max with client appointments, training courses, workshops, entertaining.  I filled my diary with preparation for my daughters 16th birthday, cooking, cleaning and so it went on…..

I did not make time for me!!

Saturday evening I went into meltdown, exhausted and teary..

Again, I did not make time for me!!!

So what was going on?   What was my lesson here?  Did I have hurry sickness?

I on reflection was not acting mindfully or being kind to myself.  After my daily morning meditation practice I went from one thing to another;  teaching, counselling  etc.   My day often ended at 1am, not a good example to set. So what have I learned and how shall I move forward?

Well, that is easy as I realise that on some level it was a warning that I am only human and that if I fall too far away from my true self a meltdown occurs.   So this week I have pulled myself back into check.  I have planned some quality time for me and reminded myself to be mindful.

In doing this I am already seeing the benefits.  If I am kind to myself, if I act mindfully,  if I nourish and resource my body and mind.  If I do all these things my body and mind respond with love.

So ask yourself are you being kind and Mindful to your body and mind?

Love and Blessings

Susan xx

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