The Soul Plan Series: #9 Peace Making, Power and Protection

Peace making, power and protection. These are three attributes that work with each other and allow people that have this symbol in their Soul Plan to create atmospheres of stability and reassurance.  This is the optimum atmosphere to develop in.  When these three elements combine in our lives we have the platform to go out and achieve what we wish with our lives, with a sense of balance at all times.

When one of these is missing and the sense of balance is lost our choices and decisions can become damaging to ourselves or the people around us.  If this is a challenge in your Soul Plan you may need to discover this balance by looking for what empowers you, protects and gives the ability to judge the response to a situation.  If this is a strength you are in an ideal position to deal with the challenges life might present.

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Soul Plan, Rochester, Medway, Kent, Minding the Soul, Peace Making, Power, Protection, Susan Cox

The Soul Plan Series: #9 Peace Making, Power and Proctection

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

Soul Plan Series: #18 Finality and Solution

We’ve all seen it, that TV show that just wouldn’t stop or the movie with 20 sequels.  Knowing when to stop and when something should end is a strength.  This ability to know when to continue or stop is also pivotal to developing solutions.

The 18th symbol of the Soul Plan is about achieving goals and following Spirit.  A sense of finality and an awareness of time are essential in how we plan and achieve our goals.  It can help us prioritise and establish the winning formula for what we have our heart set on.  This is true of the physical world and especially true of the spiritual world.

Our ability to visualise what we want and know how to achieve it are essential to achieving the spiritual aspirations we have whether they be to seek healing or expand our own consciousness   If this appears in your Soul Plan you either have a talent for pursuing your goals or find this something hard to do.  If this sounds like you a Soul Plan reading can help you learn how to overcome your challenge or help you focus your talent on your goals and Soul destiny.  If you are curious, find out more here.

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Soul Plan, Kent, Finality, Solution, Rochester, Medway

Soul Plan Series: #18 Finality and Solution

Love and Blessings,

Susan xx

The Soul Plan Series: #2 Wisdom and Support

The second symbol that could appear in your personal Soul Plan reading is Wisdom and Support.

This symbol would show that part of your Soul Plan involves resiliency, objectivity and wisdom.  This could be a strength you have, a goal or maybe a challenge you must work through.  Regardless of it’s place in your chart it would be an important step in achieving your Soul Destiny.

Does this sound like you?  Is it in your chart?  What does it say about you?

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Wisdom, Support, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul

#2 Wisdom and Support

Love and blessings,

Susan x