Soul Plan Series: #8 Earth, Emotions and Society

Welcome to day eight of my Soul Plan series.  It has been a highly enjoyable process so far thinking about the meaning that can gained from Soul Plan in greater depth.

The eighth symbol of the Soul Plan relates to earth, emotions and society.  Society can be a complex animal whether it is a group of friends or national political party.  In some respects they are very similar.  Both and all social worlds require a person to find a balance between being grounded in their own emotions whilst having ability to relate and empathize with others.

An imbalance of this can result in a persons own personal happiness or beliefs being put before the demands of society on one extreme.  On the other the extreme however the refusal to relate can create tensions and blocks that make it hard for individuals to integrate or work with people on a productive level.

A great strength or a strong challenge, does it feature in your Soul Plan?  Find out more by clicking here.  I will also be offering a talk and demonstration on Soul Plan reading this Saturday (11/05/2013) in Rochester.

Soul Plan, Susan Cox, Kent, Rochester, Medway, Minding the Soul, Earth, Emotion, Society

Soul Plan Series: #8 Earth, Emotions and Society

Love and blessings,

Susan x


The Soul Plan Series: #6 Thought and Creativity

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” – Leo Burnett

The gifts of creativity and thought are within us all.  Creativity and thoughts can be expressed in any number of ways from a story to an inventive solution to fixing that broken sink.  The way we choose to express these traits and what we do with them help define us.  However we may choose to be creative or express our thoughts we have the power to touch many lives and the power to improve them.

In this way creativity and the thought that fuels it are the gifts of making gifts.  Do you feel creativity is abundant in you?  Do you feel your thoughts have greater potential and applications? Do you feel there is a way you are supposed to be using your gifts but aren’t?  Find out if creativity, thought or any other attribute in the Soul Plan resonate with you and your name with a Soul Plan reading.

Soul Plans interest me greatly.  They have much to tell us.  I am honoured to be able to express my creativity and thoughts in ways such as a talk and demonstration this Saturday (11/05/13) on Soul Plan Reading at Borstal Village Hall, Rochester, Kent.  Click here for details.  In addition I am also happy to announce I now offer mini Soul Plan readings in addition to full Soul Plan readings.

Soul Plan, Kent, Rochester, Medway, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Creativity, Thought

Soul Plan Reading: #6 Thought and Creativity

Love and blessings,

Susan x