The Mindfulness Challenge Day 3 – Making a Cup of Tea

One of the reasons we stop most often during our day is to make drinks.  Whether it’s tea or anything else these provide breaks and time away from the stresses and events of the day.

Approaching the task mindfully let’s you make the most of this freedom.  You can observe the triumphs and stresses of the day; becoming aware of them from a distance and clearing your mind.

This example involves tea but please feel free to apply it your beverage of choice.  Boil the kettle and clear your mind.  Prepare the mug and make the tea.  While doing this let thoughts and emotions rise in your mind but don’t interact with them.  Take your time with the process, maximising the break and time to be aware of yourself and your thoughts.

Find out more about mindfulness here.

Enjoy it!

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Mindful Tea Making

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

The Mindfulness Challenge Day 2 – Mindful Dish Washing

Doing the washing up isn’t everyone’s ideas of fun or their first choice for creating space and time in the day.  However when done mindfully even washing the dishes allows you to step back from your thoughts, letting them rise within you as you observe them.

When you mindfully wash the dishes become only in the present moment.  Feel the temperature of the water, the sounds that are made and any other sensation that occurs.  Allow your mind to be clear and free of thoughts.  Use the time to find peace, awareness and perspective on the day.  Any thoughts or insights that are important will stay with you.

To find out more about mindfulness and how it can help you, click here.

Mindfulness, Mindful, Washing, Dishes, Washing Up, Rochester, Kent, Susan Cox, Medway, Minding the Soul

Mindful Dish Washing

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

The Mindfulness Challenge Day 1 – Mindful Hearing

Welcome to the first part of The Mindfulness Challenge!  Over the week this challenge will show you mindfulness techniques that you can use to bring mindfulness, space and awareness into your day.

Day 1 looks at mindful hearing.  The practice of mindful hearing lets can be practiced from a couple of minutes to any amount of time.

Get comfortable and bring your attention to your breath.  Allow thoughts and emotions to happen in your mind without engaging with them.  After a minute bring your attention to your hearing and let the sounds come to you without effort or strain.

Enjoy the practice.

Mindful Hearing, Mindfulness,  Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Rochester, Kent, Medway

Mindful Hearing


Love and blessings,

Susan xx